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Why are Payday Loans the Best Way to Get Money Fast

You know the drill. You open a piece of mail, or get a phone call, and it hits you. You are short on cash and you have bills to pay, or will need to pay soon. First panic may hit, then you pull yourself together and say, “I can handle this.” You realize you need to borrow money, somewhere somehow, or buy time with those who you owe.

In such situations, these might be a good set of questions to ask yourself:

Can you afford to wait for your money when a bill is due?
You might be able to let the bill run late, understanding the consequences of doing so: late fees, a possible discontinuation of a service (i.e., credit card gets frozen, or your cell or electrical or cable/Internet service gets cut off), and perhaps it will be reported to a credit rating agency such as Experien or TransUnion. Will these kinds of consequences be something you can deal with?

Can a payday loan be available if you have bad credit?
It is always possible for any person who holds down a job to get payday loans. This is where you borrow an amount – $100 on up to $1000 or more (up to 5000 dollar 3-12 month loan), depending on where you live and work and how much you earn – from your next paycheck. Payday loans enable you to shift the calendar a bit, enabling you to pay bills when they are due and not simply when you get paid. Payday loans are available to people with poor credit scores. This is because the loan is based on money you expect to have in the next 30 days. A low credit rating will not get in the way of payday loans for most borrowers.

Can a payday loan be fast and convenient?
Unlike traditional bank loans that require credit checks, or car title loans that involve title clearances and vehicle inspections, payday loans are quickly processed. All you need to supply in a ten minute application is your employment and banking information (the money from payday loans is deposited overnight into borrowers’ bank accounts; repayments are also from that same bank account by pre-authorized automatic debit).

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